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Under and left of the title "TONAL CENTER" you will see a list of the most common chords in contemporary music. On the right side of each chord you will be able to press a key button for each chord type in order to choose any of the chords in choice. What you then will get is several options of useful MIP (Minor Pentatonic) and/or DSP (Dominant Seventh Pentatonic) scales to use for each chosen chord. The letters under the titles MIP and DSP will change when you change the Tonal Center for each chord. The letters shows you which different notes you can use as a start note for the scales in question. Example: On a Dm7 chord you can use the Minor Pentatonic scale in the key of D, E and A. In addition you can use the Dominant Seventh Pentatonic scale in the key of G. If your not already familiar with the MIP and/or DSP scales you can use the nether part of the Penta Calculator. The function is quite obvious so I will not waste more words on that. Via "THE JIGG" in the menu above you can also access some pages based on the GMKS (Geometrical Memorizing Keynote System) that will help you to memorize the keynotes in question when you need them. The keynotes that appear in brackets indicates that they are a little bit "outside" so I suggest that you use them in that context. Use them sensitively and it always sounds nice if you resolve the outside notes to chord notes on a strong beat. 


Special tips: The suggested keynote for 7 (alt) chords which appear in brackets you can also use as an alternative DSP keynote for the same chord. Example: For a C7 alt chord you'll find a Gb within the brackets. This mean that you in addition to Ab DSP also can play Gb DSP.

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