The JIGG stands for "Jazz Improvisation Guitar Guide".

My intension with this method is to provide an effective improvisation tool for guitarists that can be used easily and quick without a lot of extensive theoretical texts. One important factor with this method is that you probably already know the basis. What I refer to is the Minor Pentatonic Scale boxes which is one of the first thing every serious guitarist independently of style will learn first of all.


The unique thing here is that you will be able to learn a new way to use what you already know. This factor will save a lot of valuable time for you in your development to be a better and more expressive improviser. I have read a lot of books, web sites and seen a lot of videos but I've missed more effective educational tools and improvisational learning systems. That's the main reason why I created the Penta Calculator and the GMKS (Geometrical Memorizing Keynote System).


The basis for the Penta Calculator is improvisional theories formalized by Steve KhanScott Henderson,
Chuck D'Aloia and Don Mock
For more detailed information please order one or all of their very useful publications:
- Steve Khan - Pentatonic KHANCEPTS (Book+CD)
- Scott Henderson - Jazz Rock Mastery (DVD)

- Chuck D'Aloia - Blues With Brains (Downloadable videos etc.)
- Don Mock - The Blues From Rock To Jazz (DVD)



The Penta Calculator will not work on an iOS device direct out of the box for the simple reason that it's created in Flash. There is an easy way around that problem though and that is to download an app called "Photon" (links below). It's a browser that supports Flash.


Links to:

Photon for iPhone

Photon for iPad

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